Don't forget about your trim.

Are you repainting rooms in your home? So often we see the trim being missed in remodeling projects. Repainting your trim makes a big statement. It keep the lines in the room fresh and clean.  Trim is kind of like the jewelry to your walls. If your trim is stained, consider giving it a fresh stain and keep the wood look in your home. 

Look at your color palate in your home. If your home's color values are similar to each other pick a trim color that will contrast them all well.  Whites & Grey's are good neutral colors that may work well with the other colors throughout your home. 

If you want to take things to the next level consider having your old trim replaced with a wider profile. Wider trim is in style right now. And don't forget to donate your old trim to a rebuilding center in your area or reuse it for a future project. 

We love this warm look of teal, grey & white's: